You can use these resources to spread the anti-bullying message through your family, your school or any groups you are part of.

The resources include:

  • A lesson plan that can be used in school to help educate students about anti-bullying
  • The project introduction so you know how this all started
  • Two short films showing both sides of bullying-not just the victim’s story but also the bully’s story and why they did it
  • Posters to help you tell others about YPYF
  • And most importantly the Anti-Bullying Standards, so you can get your entire school to help stop bullying.

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North Tyneside Council’s Young Mayor and Youth Councillors have raised bullying as an important issue after speaking with other young people in their schools and colleges. Through some of the young people’s own experience of being bullied, our Young Mayor and Youth Councillors have made this a pledge on their election.

Using this information, the Participation and Advocacy Team secured funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner to develop an Anti-Bullying campaign aimed at children and young people in North Tyneside. The funding is aimed at 11-19 year olds; however we have also been working with some first and primary schools as they too play an active role in raising awareness of bullying at a different level and contribute to the preventative agenda.

We are Grateful to the schools that have agreed to be part of the pilot

Monkseaton Community High School

Southridge First School

St Aiden's RC Primary

Christchurch Primary School

John Spence Community High School

Whitley Bay High School

Kings Priory School

This Project aims to  reduce and support the victims of bullying through several routes:

  • An anti-bullying film – through the various consultations with North Tyneside schools and young people, and working closely with our ICT School Improvement Service we have been able to produce a learning resource in the form of an anti-bullying film. The film will be looked at from a victim and a bully perspective and will be partnered with a lesson plan to be used as a discussion topic within schools.  We would like to thank John Spence Community High’s drama group for kindly agreeing to act out the film on behalf of North Tyneside’s Young People.
  • Create an anti bullying poster and purchased pocket size bullying survival packs for schools and youth groups to display and distribute within their networks.
  • Introducing North Tyneside Anti Bullying Standards to support schools in introducing the set standards produced by the project. With the help from School Improvement and creating an evidence file for these schools to update on an ongoing basis and submit for the North Tyneside Anti-Bullying Standards Awards.

Since the project began in September 2015 we have:

  • Worked with schools to become involved in the North Tyneside Anti-Bullying standards – this includes 3 first schools (potentially reaching 732 children) and 4 High schools (potentially reaching up to 2,620 young people).
  • Worked with 145 children as part of local democracy week involved with School Council event.
  • Worked with over 160 young people during Anti-bullying week – including focus groups at various schools and being part of the Children’s Commissioners Office National Takeover Day Challenge.
  • Worked with John Spence Community High Drama group on producing the anti-bullying film
From April 2016 the standards will be available to all schools to get involved, details will be sent out to all head teachers to explain what this entails. As a council we would like to see the North Tyneside Anti Bullying standards rolled out in schools across the borough and demonstrate the good practice happening within our schools.
An annual awards ceremony will be held each year as an opportunity to showcase good practice and for schools to be awarded the North Tyneside Anti-Bullying Standards Award.